Not Your Average Club

It's all about the wine. Our flagship wine club, American Cellars, has become the world's fastest growing wine club because of our distinctive wine club selections.

Unlike other wine clubs, our wine buying experts go "off the beaten path" to bring you the most enjoyable wines from among the world's finest boutique wineries.

Vinesse Wine Clubs

No Strings, No Commitments

We want you to enjoy your experience. Because we know that when you have a great experience, you'll let your friends and family in on the secret.

Whether you're a new enthusiast or an experienced wine lover, we know you'll appreciate our value and convenience.

It's simple. You must love the wine we sent, or we will replace it.

We like simple.

Delicious Surprises

Every bottle arrives guaranteed to please. You can rest easy knowing your club selections are hand-selected and approved by our tasting panel of wine experts, ensuring you receive high-quality, limited-production wines that are rarely found in stores.

Let us weed out the duds for you, freeing you to enjoy better wine for your dollar. We negotiate great deals! Leaving you to never pay for a bad wine ever again.

Your Wine On Time

Your time is valuable. Among the many errands you have to run, why add making sure you have that perfect bottle of wine to accompany dinner?

Simply select your wine preference, number of desired bottles per shipment, and how often you'd like to receive shipments. We take care of the rest. Just set it and forget it.

Your wine rack will always be stocked with delectable vino, along with tasting notes that will guide you on ideal food pairing suggestions.

  • Reds, Whites, or Mixed
  • $12.00 – $16.50 per bottle

For 20 years, American Cellars Wine Club has delivered some of the most unique wines to members' doorsteps. Members experience not only amazing, boutique U.S. wines, but also enjoy a light sprinkling of the most exquisite international flavors. The best part: these rare gems are reserved just for our members and aren't easily found in local stores.

» Join American Cellars

  • Reds, Whites, or Mixed
  • $10.00 – $16.00 per bottle

Be first in line to receive our immensely-popular, seasonal clearance deals by joining the Grab Bag Wine Club. You'll never pay too much for wine again!

» Join Grab Bag

  • Reds only
  • $43.00 – $48.50 per bottle

Experience pure bliss delivered directly to your door when you receive the ultra-premium selections found within our Élevant Society Wine Club. Rich and flavorful reds from acclaimed wine regions such as Napa Valley and Bordeaux will melt away your daily troubles, transporting you to a plush, luxurious place while you enjoy the comfort of your own home.

» Join Élevant

  • Reds, Whites, or Mixed
  • $20.25 – $23.00 per bottle

Discover the worldly wonders of wine as you embark on a global adventure through the most-famed wine regions the planet has to offer. Taste the most exquisite international, boutique wines and learn why these wine growing regions were placed on the world map of must-taste wine destinations.

» Join The World of Wine

  • Reds, Whites, or Mixed
  • $15.00 – $17.00 per bottle

California is king in this exclusive "Golden State" club. Members enjoy not only wines from the most prestigious areas of our country's 31st state but also less recognizable gems like the Sacramento River Delta or the Arroyo Seco District of Northern Monterey.

» Join California Treasures

  • Mostly whites with sparkling and blush.
  • $16.00 – $19.75 per bottle

Savor the sweet sensations of delicate, delectable wines that will tickle your taste buds. These delightful selections feature the lightest whites from around the world, with slight sprinkling of sparkling and blush wines.

» Join Light & Sweet

  • Reds only
  • $19.00 – $21.75 per bottle

Nothing says red wine quite like a premium Cabernet. With its infused oaky flavors and deliciously dark aromas, you'll love head-over-heels with every hand-chosen selection, featuring wineries from acclaimed regions such as Bordeaux and Napa Valley.

» Join Cabernet Club

  • Whites only
  • $16.50 – $18.50 per bottle

As you unwind at home after a long day, relax with some of the world's finest chardonnays — bursting with rich, fresh fruit flavors and creamy, elegant textures. From minerally and lemony to rich and oak-laden, you'll receive a chameleon-like medley with each delivery.

» Join Chardonnay Club

  • Reds only
  • $16.50 – $18.00 per bottle

Arguably the best red wine value around, our offerings of Argentine Malbec will instantly appeal to Merlot and Cabernet lovers. Like those heralded grapes, it's rooted in Bordeaux, and our selections flaunt full-bodied and extravagant dark fruit, spice and earth notes -- just with much more approachability, even in their youthful stages. We'll proffer a box of juicy and ripe reds that will make every delivery seem like a special present!

» Join Malbec, Merlot & More Club

  • Reds only
  • $19.00 – $23.00 per bottle

Decadent textures, nimbleness on the tongue and a cavalcade of tempting descriptors give Pinot Noir astonishing food versatility. This velvety food companion will have you feeling like an experienced sommelier with family and friends as you present these selections at the dinner table.

» Join Pinot Noir Club

  • Whites
  • $13.00 – $18.50 per bottle

We love Chardonnay, but with more than five thousand different grape varieties in existence, there is an abundance of appealing vino-choices beyond the usual favorites and you'll be able to mix it up with the unfamiliar-but-totally delicious whites with this club.

» Join Anything But Chardonnay Club

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