California Treasures Wine Club

Wine Club:
California Treasures Wine Club
Each shipment includes:
4 bottles of the best finds from California
Wine facts plus detailed Wine Tasting Notes & Ratings
Wine Color Mix: Reds, Whites, or Mixed
Frequency: 8 times per year
Price: Only $15-17 average cost per bottle + shipping

California Wine Club This Club's featured wines all come from California. About half come from wineries in California’s esteemed Napa and Sonoma counties. Others come from the award-winning boutique wineries of the Central Coast region – like those found in the Santa Ynez Valley or the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara County.

We also seek out great wines from not so well known areas of California – like the Sacramento River Delta, the Arroyo Seco District of Northern Monterey County - even a small vineyard we found just west of Yosemite National Park .

Wine “gems” from California’s most gifted winemakers. Our tasting panel evaluates wine from all corners of "the Golden State" and we feature the ones that garner the highest marks.

How California Treasures got started... by Martin Stewart Jr.

“It seems like just yesterday, but I was bitten by the wine bug a few decades ago. I started out as what winemaker's affectionately call a "cellar rat". I was an intern learning the wine business from the ground up. This allowed me to see first hand the passion of innovative winemakers at large and small wineries throughout California.

California Wine The more I knew about wine, the more pleasure I had tasting the wonderful variety of wines in my home state of California. And the more I wanted to share them with others. Today it's the fastest growing wine club in the world. Since our inception, we have operated as the champion of small, independent wineries that dot the hillsides and valleys of California. We call them the "hidden world" of wine.

You see, the big distributors that sell wine to most wine shops and restaurants represent massive winery operations that make “predictable” and — truth be told — rather boring industrial wines. Here is where we come in. We take our members inside the hidden world of California wine, and introduce you to some of the best wines you've never heard of. There are literally thousands of these wineries, most small family-owned enterprises making relatively tiny batches of great wine. But there just isn’t much to go around, and we try to always get there first for our members.”


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